AL ABTAL Consulting

AL ABTAL Consultancy is a complete specialised engineering and design services provider with considerable industry experience. Our professionals apply their extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in state-of-the-art technology and methodologies.

Specialised Design

Our Experts at AL ABTAL Consultancy will apply Risk Management and Business Continuity techniques to cover Physical, Technical, Operational, and Information Security domains, establishing best-practice crowded places protection. Our extensive experience in manned-guarding operations will also contribute to the review and production of policies and procedures.

Threat Assessment

The Security Threat and Risk Assessment will pertain to the overall development to include each of the various types of the project provisions, types of building, infrastructure, services, roadways, assets, proposed operations etc. Different options or level of options shall be provided for each identified vulnerability, threat and risk to be able to select the most appropriate solutions, based on cost benefit a