About The Organization

AL ABTAL has strong roots in the West Asian, Middle East and African Regions.
The direct translation of “AL ABTAL” from Arabic to English is “Heros”. We are a team of experienced and professional personal that live up to our name anywhere we are required to enforce security.
Our experienced staff create security programs tailored to a specific site and its individual requirements. We work 24/7 and understand that security in the rapidly advancing global future is a whole new ball game.
Other security companies may claim to have highly qualified personnel, but have they been background checked? Do they have to undergo rigorous physical exams? Has their experience been verified? Our clients can be assured that our staff meets all of the above criteria. Everyone at AL ABTAL is dedicated to providing the highest quality service, professionalism, the use of state-of-the-art technology, and, most of all, total client satisfaction.
If you need executive protection and security we are your “go to” choice.​
While other so-called top security companies can only make promises, AL ABTAL Security will deliver.
We exist to provide First Class Protection anytime it’s required by our Clients.